Editorial Assignments

Past Editorial Assignments!
The Physical Educator (U.S.A.) (Editorial Board and Reviewer)
Stipes Monograph Series on Sport and Physical Education Management (U.S.A.) (Editor)
Strategies (U.S.A.) (Occasional article reviewer)
Journal of Physical Education and Recreation (Hong Kong)
Quest (Article Reviewer)
International Journal of Sport Management (Editorial Board and Reviewer)
ICHPER-SD Journal of Research (Reviewer)
ICHPER-SD Journal (Reviewer)
International Journal of Physical Education (Editorial Board)
Physical Education Today (Far East) (Advisory Editorial Board)
Physical Education Review (Great Britain) (Corresponding Panel)
International Journal of Sport and Recreation Management (England) (Editorial Board)
Journal of Sport Management (NASSM) (Editorial Board)
NIRSA Journal (U.S.A.) (Consultancy)
Research Consortium (AAHPERD) (Abstract Reviewer)
Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (External Reviewer)
CAHPER Journal (CAHPER) (Editorial Board) (Chair, Publications Board)
CJASS (CASS) (Article Reviewer)
Research Quarterly (AAHPERD) (Article Reviewer)
International Journal of Comparative Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES) (Editorial Committee)